Le torte di Simona: when your passion becomes your job.

Everything has started when a passion became a proper job. Le torte di Simona is an artisanal shop of cakes and savoury delicacies that was born in 2009 from a simple idea, the idea to spoil our clients with fresh, tasty and original products. At the start it was only a game, maybe a bet. I, Simona, left my job in corporate training because I wanted to follow my real passion and everything started thanks to my sister Veronica who opened a website to start to promote my new endeavour.

Word of mouth grew really fast and Veronica decided to leave her job as a graphic designer and to join me in this new adventure. After all these years of cakes we are still here together. Le torte di Simona has grown and become a point of reference of hundreds of private clients and famous Milanese restaurants, and a symbol of ‘made in Italy.’ Our day is always the same mix of passion and creativity. As soon as we tie the apron, we work only to make our client’s events a special and unforgettable moment; birthdays, bachelor parties, Christmas, San Valentine’s Day or even a simple dinner with friends. With our sugar decorations we create any wish of the guest of honour on their personalized cake – beautiful outside and delicious inside. And we have cakes and savoury selections for every day occasions as each day deserves to be celebrated.

Le torte di Simona